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Cats on the Job

Cats on the Job

Cats on the Job: 50 Fabulous Felines Who Purr, Mouse, & Even Sing for Their Supper by Lisa Rogak

Summary: True Tales of the Cuddliest Coworkers

Around the world, there are cats earning their keep. Some are mousers, like Princess, a black cat who works at Mill Ridge Farm’s stables. Some are circus performers, like Tuna and her furry friends in The Amazing Acro-Cats. And some are even politicians, like Mayor Stubbs, an orange tabby who holds office in Talkeetna, Alaska.

In Cats on the Job, we meet these and other whiskered workers who keep their human colleagues company from 9 to 5―with the occasional break for a nap or a belly rub―and make every day at the office better.

Angies comments: A cute book about hardworking cats who do every job imaginable. Each cat is featured on a couple of pages and color pictures abound. Now excuse me, I am off to see where the cat circus performs.

Recommended for cat lovers.