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The Watcher in the Wall

The Watcher in the Wall

The Watcher in the Wall by Owen Laukkanen

Summary:  A heart-pounding new Stevens and Windermere thriller from the award-winning author of The Stolen Ones and The Professionals.

Kirk Stevens and Carla Windermere of the joint BCA-FBI violent crime task force have handled shocking cases before, but this one is different. Stevens’s daughter, Andrea, is distraught over a classmate’s suicide, but what the two investigators find is even more disturbing—an online suicide club of unhappy teenagers, presided over by an anonymous presence who seems to be spurring them on. Soon, it becomes apparent that the classmate wasn’t the first victim—and won’t be the last, either, unless they can hunt down this psychopath once and for all.

Angies comments: The Watcher in the Wall is part of the Stevens and Windermere series, but it does work as a stand-alone novel. (If you are interested, the Tipton library does have the other books in the series.) It is disturbing, and you feel some sympathy for the psychopath, although the sympathy tends to evaporate when you discover all of his deeds. The novel certainly kept my attention, and the ending was full of action. The book is sad, but hopeful.

Recommended for readers of thrillers.