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I’m Traveling Alone

I’m Traveling Alone

I’m Traveling Alone by Samuel Bjork

Summary: International bestseller Samuel Bjork makes his US debut, a chilling and fast-paced thriller in which two detectives must hunt down a vengeful killer–and uncover the secret that ties each of them to the crime

A six-year-old girl is found in the Norwegian countryside, hanging lifeless from a tree and dressed in strange doll’s clothes. Around her neck is a sign that says “I’m traveling alone.”

A special homicide unit in Oslo re-opens with veteran police investigator Holger Munch at the helm. Holger’s first step is to persuade the brilliant but haunted investigator Mia Krüger, who has been living on an isolated island, overcome by memories of her past. When Mia views a photograph of the crime scene and spots the number “1” carved into the dead girl’s fingernail, she knows this is only the beginning. Could this killer have something to do with a missing child, abducted six years ago and never found, or with the reclusive religious community hidden in the nearby woods?

Mia returns to duty to track down a revenge-driven and ruthlessly intelligent killer. But when Munch’s own six-year-old granddaughter goes missing, Mia realizes that the killer’s sinister game is personal, and I’m Traveling Alone races to an explosive–and shocking–conclusion.

s comments: I’m Traveling Alone involves several different plots that are weaved together in the end. My favorite character is the boy who tries to help the girl (I’m trying not to give too much away!). The homicide unit has many different people, all who have their own quirks. I especially enjoyed the new computer guru for the team – I think we can all relate to his feelings of insecurity in a new job.

Recommended for readers of Scandinavian crime novels.