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Skin Like Silver

Skin Like Silver

Skin Like Silver by Chris Nickson

Summary: The third intriguing historical mystery to feature Detective Inspector Tom Harper 

Leeds, England. October, 1891. An unclaimed parcel at the Central Post Office is discovered to contain the decomposing body of a baby boy. It’s a gruesome case for DI Tom Harper. Then a fire during the night destroys half the railway station. The next day a woman’s body is found in the rubble. But Catherine Carr didn’t die in the blaze: she’d been stabbed to death – and Harper has to find her killer.

The estranged wife of a wealthy industrialist, Catherine had been involved with the Leeds Suffragist Society, demanding votes for women, the same organization for which Harper’s wife Annabelle has just become a speaker. Were Catherine’s politics the cause of her death? Or is the husband she abandoned behind it? But when her brother escapes from the asylum and steals a shotgun, Harper has to race to find the answers.
Angies comments: Third book in the Detective Inspector Tom Harper series, and as is par for the course, the first one that I have read in the series. Fortunately, you don’t need to read the first two to enjoy Skin Like Silver. I particularly liked that the detectives had multiple cases to solve, some of which are connected and other that aren’t. I loved the setting in the 1890s.

Recommended for historical readers.