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The Gingerbread House

The Gingerbread House

The Gingerbread House by Carin Gerhardsen

Summary: Ingrid Olsson returns home from a Stockholm hospital to discover a man in her kitchen. She’s never seen the intruder before. But he’s no threat – he’s dead.

Criminal Investigator Conny Sjöberg takes the call, abandoning his wife Åsa and their five children for the night. His team identify the body as that of a middle-aged family man. But why was he there? And who bludgeoned him to death?

Lacking suspect and motive, Sjöberg’s team struggle until they link the case to another – apparently random – killing. And discover they face a serial killer on a terrible vendetta . . .

The Gingerbread House is the first title in The Hammarby Series, novels following Detective Inspector Conny Sjöberg and his murder investigation team – a gripping feast for all fans of Jo Nesbo, Camilla Lackberg and Henning Mankell.
Angie’s comments: You think you know the murderer, but you don’t. Also, I love the glimmer of hope at the end. Sjöberg has a nice family life, which is a nice contrast to other detectives in other books.

Recommended for mystery lovers.