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Are u ok?

Are u ok?

Are u ok? A Guide to Caring for Your Mental Health by Kati Morton


Summary: A licensed family therapist and You Tube personality, Kati Morton answers the most commonly asked questions about mental health, including when to get help and where to find it.

Everyone struggles with mental health issues from time to time, but the greatest level of misunderstanding comes from knowing the difference between mental health and mental illness, figuring out whether we need professional help and, if so, how to find it. Are u ok? walks readers through the most commonly asked questions about mental health and the process of getting help.

From finding the best therapist to navigating harmful and toxic relationships and everything in between, licensed family therapist and YouTube sensation Kati Morton clarifies and de-stigmatizes the struggles so many of us go through, and encourages readers to reach out for help. What are the red flags of a mental health issue? How do you go about making a first therapy appointment? How do you know if your therapist is a good fit for you? What are the best ways of talking about mental health with your family, friends and colleagues?

There are so many questions and concerns, and in the down-to-earth, friendly tone that makes Kati Morton so popular on YouTube,Are u ok? informs and reminds us that we can get through the difficult times and we are never alone.

Angie’s comments: This is a nice guide to mental health therapy for any teen or adult. Lots of possible questions are answered, and the overall tone is uplifting. Even if you are already in therapy, this book may help you, especially in regards to your relationship with your therapist.

Recommended for anyone interested in mental health.