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Beyond the Body Farm

Beyond the Body Farm

Beyond the Body Farm: A Legendary Bone Detective Explores Murders, Mysteries, and the Revolution in Forensic Science by Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson

Summary: A pioneer in forensic anthropology, Dr. Bill Bass created the world’s first laboratory dedicated to the study of human decomposition—three acres on a hillside in Tennessee where human bodies are left to the elements. His research has revolutionized forensic science, but during a career that has spanned half a century, Bass and his work have ranged far beyond the gates of the “Body Farm.”

In this riveting book, the renowned bone sleuth explores the rise of modern forensic science and takes readers deep into the real world of crime scene investigation. Beyond the Body Farm is an extraordinary journey through some of the most fascinating investigations of Dr. Bass’s career—and a remarkable look at the high-tech science used to crack the most perplexing cases.

Angie’s Comments: This is an interesting look at some forensic cases that Dr. Bass has been involved with, and he gives his opinions and views of the cases. While it is about forensics, Dr. Bass gives the reader enough detail to understand, without going overboard on scientific details that only scientists would understand.

Recommended for readers interested in forensics and true crime.