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F This Test

F This Test

F This Test: Even More of the Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers by Richard Benson

Summary: From the same hilarious wellspring of failure as the bestselling F in Exams and F for Effort comes this all-new collection of inventively wrong—yet totally real—test responses by students who don’t know the answer, but come up with something better instead. Featuring crucial academic subjects including English (Q: Name a key theme in Madame Bovary; A: Cows), Geography (Q: Where can you find the Andes?; A: Google Earth), Science (Q: Describe the properties of a meteor; A: An animal that only eats meat) and more, F this Test rounds out the curriculum with an extra-credit section for those tricky elective courses, and demonstrates that it’s more fun to laugh when faced with an absolute fail.

Angie’s Comments: Some of the answers in this book made me laugh out loud! Some answers are quite impressive in their wittiness, while others are just plain wrong.

Recommended for readers who want to enjoy a laugh.