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Forgotten Tales of Indiana

Forgotten Tales of Indiana

Forgotten Tales of Indiana by Keven McQueen

Summary: Author Keven McQueen recalls a time when skunk farms, which allegedly produced a cure for rheumatism, were speckled throughout the countryside and a miserable woman tied her husband to a fence post, coated him with salt and intended to let the cows lick him to death.”? Meet the King of the Ghouls, an accomplished grave robber and notorious murderer, and a man so convinced he was an ox that he often joined neighborhood cattle for a bite of grass, and discover ghosts, monsters, giant skeletons and more in this collection of outlandish tales from the Hoosier State.”
Angies comments: Some interesting tales from Indiana – complete with stories about body snatchers, murders, and other intriguing events. Quick, easy book to read.

Recommended for readers interested in local lore.