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Manage Your Stress

Manage Your Stress

Manage Your Stress: Overcoming Stress in the Modern World by Joe Shrand and Leigh Devine

Summary:  This book aims to give readers a full understanding of the how and why of the human stress response. While once a vital ancient survival tool, our biological stress response may now be in overdrive when confronted by the modern world around us.  Research has repeatedly shown that stress can cause physical illness if undetected and unmanaged.

And it is not always your stress that gets in the way of your success and happiness.  Usually it is someone else’s stress that gets in the way of your success and happiness.  What can you do to help someone else with their stress so you can both be more successful?

Dr. Shrand addresses the deeper biological and survival reasons we experience stress, exploring ways to relieve your own stress but at the same time breaking new ground when he demonstrates how helping someone else with their stress actually helps you to be more successful — because you are seen as benefactor, a person of value. 

The underlying biological roots of stress have to do with survival — we feel stress when we worry we are inadequate to the task ahead of us.  If we feel inadequate can we still retain our value to the group on which we depend, or will be cast out to fend for ourselves in a world of predators?  Managing your stress in the modern-day world has to include managing the stress of those around you, and this book will show you how!

Angie’s Comments: The combination of science and advice make this book valuable to anyone. I learned what stress does to my body, and some ways to lessen/cope with my stress. It is an easy read, and I liked the chapter about how to reduce the stress of people around you – something we don’t always think about!

Recommended for everybody.