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Simple Money

Simple Money

Simple Money: A No-Nonsense Guide to Personal Finance by Tim Maurer

Summary: When it comes to money management, most of us take a hands-off approach because we’re just not confident that we have the know-how needed. But personal finance is actually more personal than it is finance. Tim Maurer has made a career out of distilling complex financial concepts into understandable, doable actions. In this eminently practical book, he shows readers how to

– better understand their values and goals in order to simplify their money decisions
– budget major expenses intelligently
– reduce and eliminate debt
– make vital decisions on home, auto, and life insurance
– establish a world-class investment portfolio
– craft a workable retirement plan
– and more

Readers will be relieved to see that managing their money is actually not as complicated as they thought–and that they can take control of their financial future starting today.

Angies comments: Great book about personal finance. It made me think more about my money and how I am using it to accomplish my goals and show my values. Maurer explains things simply and distills everything down to its essence.

Highly recommended for readers who are just getting started with corralling their finances.