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The I Hate to Cook Book

The I Hate to Cook Book

The I Hate to Cook Book (Updated and Revised) by Peg Bracken

Summary: “There are two kinds of people in this world: the ones who don’t cook out of and have NEVER cooked out of THE I HATE TO COOK BOOK, and the other kind…The I HATE TO COOK people consist mainly of those who find other things more interesting and less fattening, and so they do it as seldom as possible. Today there is an Annual Culinary Olympics, with hundreds of cooks from many countries ardently competing. But we who hate to cook have had our own Olympics for years, seeing who can get out of the kitchen the fastest and stay out the longest.”

– Peg Bracken

Angie’s comments: The title attracted me to this book, because I certainly hate to cook. Some of the recipes are more detailed than what I like, but there are plenty of simple recipes. The book was first published in 1960, so some of the recipes are more outdated than others. I loved Peg Bracken’s comments throughout the book, and I felt happy knowing I am not the only person out there who hates to cook.

Recommended for people who don’t like cooking.