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Your Medical Mind

Your Medical Mind

Your Medical Mind: How To Decide What is Right For You by Jerome Groopman and Pamela Hartzband

Summary: Making the right medical decisions is harder than ever. We are overwhelmed by information from all sides—whether our doctors’ recommendations, dissenting experts, confusing statistics, or testimonials on the Internet. Now Doctors Groopman and Hartzband reveal that each of us has a “medical mind,” a highly individual approach to weighing the risks and benefits of treatments.  Are you a minimalist or a maximalist, a believer or a doubter, do you look for natural healing or the latest technology?  The authors weave vivid narratives of real patients with insights from recent research to demonstrate the power of the medical mind. After reading this groundbreaking book, you will know how to arrive at choices that serve you best.
Angie’s comments: A thought-provoking exploration of the decisions that people have made about their medical treatment. It is more an exploration of the relationships among doctors, patients, family members, and medical treatment. It could be shorter and still have the same information, but overall it was an excellent book. I liked seeing the different ideas and opinions that people had, and that has given me more ideas about my own decisions for medical treatment.

Recommended for anyone interested in their health.