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Illegal is the emotional and devastating journey of Ebo, a young boy from Ghana.

When Ebo leaves his village, chasing after his older brother, he ends up in a big city, lost and without any means. He sleeps on the streets, works odd jobs, and often sings for his supper. When he finally does find his brother, the boys decide to try and find a way to Europe to contact their sister, who had previously left. They earn enough money to book a trip across the desert–a very deadly journey. When they finally reach the Mediterranean, they purchase a ticket on a boat to take them to Italy.

However, the boat is smaller than the men advertised. It is in poor condition and low on gas. The boys and their boat group end up adrift in the vast sea. Who will save them? Will they ever get to Italy? Will they actually be able to find their sister?

This graphic novel will show you the horrors so-called “illegal” immigrants must endure before ever reaching the country where they hope to settle.