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Isle of Blood and Stone

Isle of Blood and Stone

Three friends have grown up in the shadow of a traumatic day in the kingdom of St. John del Mar–a picnic that turned into the murders of servants and soldiers, and the kidnapping of two princes and two nobles.

Ulises lost both his brothers that day. And recently, his father as well. Now that he is king, he hopes to be able to heal the country–especially for his cousin Mercedes.

Mercedes is the daughter of the king’s brother and his foreign wife–a woman from the nearby island kingdom that was blamed for the murders and kidnappings. Now the people look down on her, even though she is the king’s cousin and a diplomat (and spy).

Elias lost his father that day. He follows in his father’s footsteps in becoming and adventurer and royal navigator. Never knowing his father, he now finds himself with a riddle–a map that contains clues about what happened that day, and maybe even about the current location of the missing princes and his father.

The Isle of Blood and Stone by Makiia Lucier builds an interesting world of sea serpents and ghosts. It has mystery, fantasy, romance, and above all, adventure. But what would happen to our three heroes if they discover that the past is not what has always been told? What would the truth cost–and are they willing to pay it?