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Tess of the Road

Tess of the Road

Tess is the “bad” daughter. Raised by an abusive mother and oblivious father, with two perfect sisters, Tess could never do anything right. She had a child out of wedlock, drinks to excess, and refuses to perform gender-prescribed duties.

On the day her parents decided to do something about their misfit child, Tess runs away. Alone. In a word full of “vile men”, as her mother would say. And through her painful memories, she has to decide each morning if she’s willing to “walk on…and exist for one more day.”

Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman is the story of Tess’s journey away from home. It’s the story of how Tess dresses as a boy, finds friends who will listen, and learns that just because you have a past, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a future.

Oh, and it’s the story of finding a giant, glowing worm underground, too.