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Chi’s Sweet Adventures

Chi’s Sweet Adventures

Chi’s Sweet Adventures, Volume 1, by Konami Kanata and Kinoko Natsume

Summary: Cat lovers and comic readers alike rejoice at the return of manga’s biggest name in feline cartoons – Chi! Chi’s Sweet Adventures collects dozens of new full color Chi stories.

Chi is back! Manga’s most famous cat comic returns with a brand new series! Inspired by the new Amazon PrimeTV anime, Chi’s Sweet Adventures collects a number of new full-color kitty tales made for readers of all ages!

Angie‚Äôs comments: This is the first of four volumes about Chi. Chi is a sweet, funny cat who loves her human family. It is super cute and suitable for children (and adults). The panels go by columns, so make sure you are reading down the column, and not across the row. 

Recommended for anyone who likes sweet, cute tales about cats.
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