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Getting A Library Card Is Easy

At the Tipton County Public Library, we believe everyone should have access to the library’s materials, which is why we make getting a card so easy.

With your new card, everything at the library is

Always New. Always Connected.

How to get your card:

Kids and Teens

Children of Tipton County residents, between the ages of 3 and 17, may be issued a juvenile card with parent or guardian signature and parent’s identification with current address. With a juvenile card, children have borrowing privileges for all print and audio materials in the Children’s Department. At the age of 8, children are eligible for full access to all library materials, including DVDs and video games, with the parent’s permission. The juvenile must be present at the time of application, and the parent or guardian must have a library card in good standing. The signing adult assumes responsibility for any and all items checked out by children under the age of 18. Library staff do not screen choice of materials, and the selection of all library materials by minors must be monitored by the parents or guardians.


The library will issue borrower’s cards free of charge to Tipton County residents or property owners who are eighteen (18) years of age or older. The library card entitles adult residents to borrow any materials circulated by the library. To apply for a library card, residents must present a current photo identification card and proof of address as listed below. Online registrations will give patrons temporary access to online resources, and when proof of identification and address have been shown at the library, patrons will receive their library card and will then have full access to all library resources.

Library Card FAQs

How do I register for a library card?

To apply for a library card, residents must present a current photo identification card and proof of address.

Acceptable Photo Identification

Driver’s License

State Issued Identification Card


School Identification Card

Military Identification Card

Acceptable Proof of Address

(within the past 60 days)

Postmarked mail

Bank Statement or Checkbook

Lease Agreement or Mortgage Paperwork

Utility Bill

Voter’s Registration Card

Car Registration

Does my library card expire?

Adult cards expire every three years from the date of issue. Photo ID with current address must be presented at the time of renewal to ensure that all information is correct. Juvenile cards expire at the age of 18, and the patron may then apply for an adult card.

Special Card Registrations

Organization Card

Tipton County organizations, businesses, or churches may register for a library card. One person must be designated as the contact person for the organization/business, and this library card will be limited to organizational or business use. The organization, business, or church named on the library card application is responsible for any fines and/or lost or damaged materials checked out on the card.


Non-resident Taxpayer Card

Non-residents of Tipton County who pay property taxes in Tipton County have the same benefits as resident cardholders. Non-resident taxpayers must present a current paid tax bill listing their name and the address of the property owned in the library district. Cards may be issued to any individuals residing at the same address as the taxpayer.


Non-resident Card

Individuals or families living in an area not served by a public library may purchase a Non-resident card by paying the current non-resident fee. After purchasing this card, non-resident cardholders have the same benefits as resident cardholders. Non-resident cards expire one year from date of purchase.

Special Circumstances Card

If an adult is a temporary resident of Tipton County or a resident who is temporarily without the usual forms of identification, he or she may apply for a Special Circumstances Card if they will be residing in Tipton County for a minimum of 30 days. Such residents must give proof of their permanent home address and/or a current local address. The special circumstances card is good for six months and may be renewed one time. There will be a limit of five items total on the card.


Resident or non-resident taxpayers of any participating Indiana public library district who have a current library card are eligible to purchase a PLAC library card, which is valid for use at any Indiana library. These individuals must present current photo identification and proof of current address of residency in addition to their home library card. PLAC cards are valid for one year from date of purchase.


Educator Cards

Teachers employed by the Tipton Community School Corporation or the Tri-Central Community Schools, who do not live in Tipton County may apply for an Educator library card. Local pre-school teachers, homeschool families, tutors, and other educators are also eligible for Educator cards. As a courtesy, educators employed in Tipton County who live outside the county may also apply for a personal library card. Educator cards will be good for one year and may be renewed. Please see the Educator card application for further details.


Reciprocal Borrowing Card

Any individual who has a library card in good standing with any of the Indiana libraries on the list of Statewide Reciprocal Borrowers Covenant Libraries may obtain a Tipton County Public Library card at no charge with all rights and privileges of a Tipton County resident.

Still need help signing up for your library card?