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  • Community Conversations Summary

    Read a summary of the library's conversations with the community regarding its 2017-21 Long Range Plan.

  • Long Range Plan

    View the library's current long range plan.

  • Access to Public Records Policy

    The Tipton County Public Library provides access to public records in accordance with Indiana Code 5-14-3.

  • Access to Public Records Form

    To access public records, library patrons must complete the Request for Access to Public Records form.

  • Circulation Policy

    Patrons must present a library card in order to check out any materials from the Tipton County Public Library.

  • Collection Development Policy

    The library strives to ensure a collection of materials to meet the community’s needs and reflect the library’s mission.

  • Confidentiality of Library Records Policy

    The library keeps all records confidential, unless authorized by the appropriate jurisdiction.

  • Hotspot Circulation Policy

    Borrow a wifi hotspot and take the Internet with you.

  • Internet Use Policy

    All patrons, regardless of age or residency, have access to the Internet for research and information purposes.

  • Materials Donation Policy

    The Tipton County Public Library welcomes donation of materials that are useful and in good condition.

  • Meeting Room Policy

    The meeting room is available for public use regardless of affiliations of the individuals or groups requesting it.

  • Patron Behavior Policy

    All patrons must be engaged in activities associated with the use of a public library while in the building.

  • Programming Policy

    Library programs support lifelong learning, promote reading enjoyment, and enhance the cultural and recreational interests of the community.

  • Promotional Materials Policy

    Promote your educational or non-profit event at the library. Certain restrictions apply.

  • Public Services Policy

    All patrons must wear appropriate attire when using the facility and attending programs.

  • Social Media Policy

    Our goal of social media use is to increase awareness of library services, materials, and programs.

  • Unattended Children Policy

    For the safety of children, those 8 and under must be with an adult at all times during library visits.

  • Volunteer Program Policy

    Volunteers support the library staff in order to promote and enrich the library’s mission and programs.

  • 3D Printing Policy

    To support the library’s mission, Tipton County Public Library provides 3D printing services to the public.

Do you have any questions about our policies? Ask a Librarian.