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We’re excited that you’re considering a career at the Tipton County Public Library!  Our library is dedicated to providing resources for lifelong learning and vigorously promoting reading enjoyment. Below, you’ll find a list of our current job openings and their descriptions. Take a look at the openings and apply to the one that fits your needs and skillset.

  • Technology Assistant

    • Employment Type
      • Part time, 20 hours per week, includes holidays
    • Job Summary
      • Primary responsibilities will include technology support of staff and patron workstations, workstation deployment, and configuration/setup/maintenance of hardware/software.
    • Qualifications
      • Must have experience configuring hardware and software. CompTIA A+ certification or similar education/training level preferred. Familiarity with a Windows Active Directory environment preferred. Ability to work independently required. Must possess excellent customer service skills and professionalism.
    • To Apply:
      • Send application (link below) and current resume by October 12, 2018 to Jason Fields, Assistant Director, 127 E. Madison St., Tipton, IN 46072, or jfields@tiptonpl.org.

Looking for more ways to support the library?

Employment Application

Tipton County Public Library

Are you interested in joining the Tipton County Public Library staff? We’d love to sit down and discuss the opportunities currently available at the library. Please turn in applications at the Tipton Library.

Page Application

Tipton County Public Library

Our Page Program is the perfect way for high school students to gain valuable work experience while working in a great environment. Please turn in applications at the Tipton Library.

Volunteer Program and Applications

Tipton County Public Library

We’re always looking for great volunteers who want to donate their time to the Tipton community. Please turn in applications at the Tipton Library.

Find Jobs In The Area

Are you looking for a new job or career in the Tipton County area? At the Tipton County Public Library, we help our residents by providing access to job search databases that help you find the right job.